Available Options

  • 1010 gallon tank
  • Lm-4955 John Blue Double piston Pump
  • Red Ball Monitors
  • Double Wheel Struts
  • Lm-4955 John Blue Double piston Pump

Come standard with 710 gallon center drain tank, LM-4455 john blue single piston pump, 12 outlet stainless steel flow divider, press wheel drive assembly, hydraulic lift cylinder with hydraulic folding wings, heavy duty 6” x 4” rectangular tube toolbar, adjustable wheel struts with 16.5 x 16.1 10 ply tires. Adjustable Row spacing from 20” to 40” up to 12 rows wide with 30” rows. Adjustable hitch assembly with 4x4 tongue jack and powder coat paint, safety chains. The L-95 comes available in 3 styles, the back swept knife only, 20” coulter with stainless steel injection spray tip, and 20” coulter with front swept knife.


  • Capacity:
  • Frame:
  • Length:
  • No Additional Specifications

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"When the need arises for more equipment, I will sure look to Adams Equipment to fill my needs..."

I have been using Adams equipment for the last 5 or 6 years. I’m really sold on using stainless steel equipment in the fertilizer business because it lasts so long. My Adams spreaders have proven to give very accurate application and the ground drive saves me money with less maintenance and a very reasonable purchase price. Mr. Adams and his staff have given courteous and efficient service to us. Our Adams Truck Tender has made it possible for us to pick up more customers further away making our application jobs more profitable. When the need arises for more equipment, I will sure look to Adams Equipment to fill my needs.

- Les Waldeck, Owner, Waldeck Fertilizer
Arkansas City, KS