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I have an Adams 24’ Side Discharge Trailer Tender, a 16-ton Truck Mounted Tender, 5-ton PTO Spreaders, 2000 Gallon Nurse Trailers and several Liquid Applicators in my fleet. I feel the strength of Adams applicators have helped to make me successful in developing my liquid business. Adams equipment has proven to be durable in No-Till, rolling land terrain. The heavy construction characteristics of Adams machines make them a natural for No-Till. Put a star by Adams when it comes to service. Adams equipment is well accepted by my farmers. Unlike competitive companies, Adams is willing to work with their customers to develop equipment for my customer’s particular area and needs. Adams applicators transport so well behind truck when delivering.
- Chuck Burlison, Manager Helena Chemical Co.
Sharon, TN

Adams Fertilizer Equipment is an internationally known fertilizer equipment manufacturer that began building fertilizer spreaders in 1966. Today, Adams Fertilizer Equipment sales have grown from just one production line of spreaders to the production of virtually any machinery that is used in the Agriculture, Poultry, and Turf industries. From material handling, mixing, to application, Adams Fertilizer Equipment has led the industry with proven, dependable fertilizer equipment. Customer satisfaction, quality equipment and consistently reliable service have helped us expand over twenty times to become a leading fertilizer equipment manufacture in the industry.

Over the decades, Adams Fertilizer Equipment has helped businesses and farmers reach their production goals by continually adding new products for the ever changing world market. Not only does Adams use the latest technology in the fertilizer industry, we have the ability to modify our equipment to meet our customer’s needs. Our lines of equipment are trusted, proven and reliable.

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