I have been using Adams Fertilizer equipment for a number of years. Dependability and quality are my biggest concerns and I think Adams offers both. We use Adams blenders, conveyors and nurse tanks along with several liquid applicators, and we are now looking to purchase a truck mounted tender. We are also impressed with their parts department; they really do whatever needs to be done to get you going again

Kenny Kingins, Location Manager- Royster Clark
Murray, KY

We have been buying Adams Equipment for about 17 years. When we first started doing business with them, the Co-op was not using stainless steel auger beds. Adams had the best looking beds in addition to being located three hours away from us if we had a problem. The number one reason we are still doing business with them 17 years later is because of the service they provide. Anything we can buy from Adams, we buy. If we have a problem, it does not matter if the equipment is one week old or 10 years old, I can count on Billy Adams to have somebody here quickly. They keep good inventories of parts. They do have a wide variety of products, and we know we are going to get good service at a competitive price. If I can’t come get the parts, they will bring them to me.

Mike Eaton, Manager Craighead Farmer’s Co-op
Jonesboro, AR

We bought our first piece of Adams Equipment two years ago. We purchased an 8-ton rotary blender complete with weigh hopper and load out conveyor, all stainless. The quality of Adams Equipment made it easy to decide what kind of equipment we would use for future purchases. Since then we have purchased an 18-ton tender truck and a 90-ton per hour elevator leg. We here at Royster Clark take pride in our equipment and our ability to service our customers. With Adams Equipment, I feel that we get the dependability and quality we need to get the job done.

Mark Oliver, Location Manager Royster Clark
Creswell, NC

I have been using Adams equipment for the last 5 or 6 years. I’m really sold on using stainless steel equipment in the fertilizer business because it lasts so long. My Adams spreaders have proven to give very accurate application and the ground drive saves me money with less maintenance and a very reasonable purchase price. Mr. Adams and his staff have given courteous and efficient service to us. Our Adams Truck Tender has made it possible for us to pick up more customers further away making our application jobs more profitable. When the need arises for more equipment, I will sure look to Adams Equipment to fill my needs.

Les Waldeck, Owner Waldeck Fertilizer
Arkansas City, KS

Adams Fertilizer Equipment is well built. Our farmers like the up-front bar and the size of the applicator. With the up-front bar they have better visibility so they can see what is going on. Our farmers also like the hydraulic fold of the up-front bar. We like Adams because they stand behind their equipment.

Tom Hunt, Location Manager, UAP Great Lakes
Greenville, OH

I have an Adams 24’ Side Discharge Trailer Tender, a 16-ton Truck Mounted Tender, 5-ton PTO Spreaders, 2000 Gallon Nurse Trailers and several Liquid Applicators in my fleet. I feel the strength of Adams applicators have helped to make me successful in developing my liquid business. Adams equipment has proven to be durable in No-Till, rolling land terrain. The heavy construction characteristics of Adams machines make them a natural for No-Till. Put a star by Adams when it comes to service. Adams equipment is well accepted by my farmers. Unlike competitive companies, Adams is willing to work with their customers to develop equipment for my customer’s particular area and needs. Adams applicators transport so well behind truck when delivering.

Chuck Burlison, Manager Helena Chemical Co.
Sharon, TN

Our customer base is wide spread and the season here isn’t very long to get our crops in, with such a large area that we have to serve we need the fastest, most efficient, and reliable equipment that we can in order to succeed. Adams Fertilizer Equipment is well-built and can handle the in-season stress that we need to put on our equipment in order to have all our customers served in a short window that we have. We like the longevity of stainless steel in all our equipment and will continue to support Adams in the future.

Dennis Bulani, P.Ag. Rack Petroleum Ltd.
Biggar, Saskatchewan, Canada

We have been supplying Adams Fertilizer equipment for a few years now and with our vast experience in designing bulk blend plants, we have earned the reputation as a quality builder of these facilities from using Adams Fertilizer Equipment, with our harsh northern climate we need the most efficient and durable equipment that can be supplied. With the experience and quality of equipment that Adams has to offer we can be successful well into the new millennium.

Todd Verot, President Verot Materials Handling Inc.
Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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