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The Adams Fertilizer website is going through some big updates!

The purpose of this post is to allow our web team to make the development & design updates we need!

They need some more news posts in order to get some of our features updated & styled, so there will be 3 more posts following this that are serving as placeholders.

Web Design Team

We have been working with FLEX360 since 2009 to provide a professional website experience for all our visitors. In 2016, FLEX360 helped us launch a new take on the site (what you're seeing now) that was responsive to a larger variety of website broswer sizes. Shortly, we will be unveiling the new updates that we're making to further improve your experience on our site.

If you're so inclined, please take a moment to scroll through our website's memory lane in the screenshots grabbed from the Internet Archive.

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"Adams has low maintenance, quality products and they always stand behind what they manufacture."

Gene Bruick
Manager, Farmers Cooperative
Van Buren, AR

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