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Adams Fertilizer Equipment manufactures Drag Flight Conveyor chains for both custom and standard installation. Virtually any material conveying requirements can be handled. When space is limited, standard transition from 0 degrees to 60 degrees helps simplify installation. with capacities through 200 TPH. 3” x 12” paddle provides 60-90 TPH, 4” x 18” paddle provides 120-150 TPH, Adams Drag Conveyors are made with 10 Ga. Stainless steel trunks, upper and lower inspection and service panels on lowest incline section, chain lubrication port, heat treated steel brushed roller-less chain with heat treated stainless steel pins, heavy duty UHMW flights with stainless steel mount and back, dump pit with adjustable stainless steel baffle, stress proof head and tail shafts, 3 7/16 diameter head shaft, 1 15/16” Diameter tail shaft, heavy duty industrial grade gear reducer, factory assembled and tested, ¼” A.R. Mild steel separator plate (Bolted and replaceable), Stainless Steel chain adjuster.

Chain speed of 100’ to 175’ per minute reduces friction, prolongs drive component life and keeps material damage to a bare minimum. Bottom feed design gives greater capacity and slower chain speed. The Adams drag flight conveyor is constructed of 304 stainless steel. An industrial grade steel chain with heat treated stainless steel pins prevents freeze up. Inspection and routine maintenance utilizing two-piece trough sections simplify access.

"We like Adams because they stand behind their equipment."

Tom Hunt
Location Manager, UAP Great Lakes
Greenville, OH

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