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Adams SAFE SEED DUMP HOPPER...from 50# bags to bulk, Adams manufactures a heavy duty, proven, seed dump hopper that will last for many years. The Adams Seed Dump Hopper was built primarily to help make a safe environment for employees to open seed in both pallets and/or super bags. The heavy duty frame on our Model SBH-150 can handle 2 pallets of 50# seed or 2 bulk bags on the deck along with 110 bushels (soybeans) inside the hopper….that’s 220 bushels ready to unload at the push of a button. The Adams Seed Hopper is made from 304 stainless steel, the 10’ x 8’ free standing frame is made from 3” x 3” tubing with #4 expanded metal top screens for added strength and safety. Also for peace of mind, we have added safety rails and hinged double swing access gates for employees. Adams Seed Dump Hopper comes complete with two foot tall splash panels to contain seed while opening. Unloading is made simple with the standard clam gate for easier opening. Let us customize for you by telling us where to put the ladder and gate handle.

"My Adams spreaders have proven to give very accurate application and the ground drive saves me money with less maintenance and a very reasonable purchase price."

Les Waldeck
Owner, Waldeck Fertilizer
Arkansas City, KS

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